MAXA Cookie Manager

MAXA Cookie Manager 6.0

MAXA Cookie Manager is an app that allows you to manage your browser cookies

The MAXA Cookie Manager is, as its name precisely indicates, a manager for Internet cookies. Those who don’t know much about computers may be wondering themselves right now, what does this anything to do with the kitchen? Well, let’s explain first what a cookie is in terms of computers. The cookie is a special type of file, which is located on your computer and is created by certain Internet sites. The purpose of these files is to save some information about your activities on the particular site in order to customize the site to your needs and preferences. So, the cookies could be very helpful and interesting. The risk is when a cookie goes further than that and starts sniffing in other private business you don’t want it to. Then is when you need some help and MAXA Cookie Manager could be the answer.
The Cookie Manager tracks down every cookie in your computer, letting you know the details about them and what exactly they are doing on your system. The manager offers you a wizard to help you configure its options. In a few steps you will be ready to go. The first step in the wizard is to select the sites you use regularly and whose cookies you trust and want to keep. The second step is to check correct browser settings. The manager automatically will check which browsers you have installed on your system and if the cookies settings are correctly configured. A list will show you the status and, if it’s necessary, the changes will be made.

Lionel Mira
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  • It supports several languages
  • It has a wizard to help you configure the tool
  • There's a free Lite version


  • The Lite version is too limited
  • The Whitelist is limited
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